NetworkLens Users Guide


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This document describes the installation, configuration, and usage of the NetworkLens tool.

Table of Contents
Using the Web Interface
Configuring the Collection Agents
Configuring the Reporting Agents
SYSLOG Collection Agent Source Code
TCP Socket Collection Agent Source Code
E-Mail Notification Reporting Agent Source Code
GNU General Public License


What is it?

NetworkLens is designed to be a simple to use web-based application for Network Operation Center (NOC) personnel to monitor, capture, and document problems that are reported within the network being managed.

NetworkLens has a central pool of event notifications with a flexible architecture that allows for several different sources of alerting information. For example, a SYSLOG agent could be run that saves incoming SYSLOG messages to be analyzed. Another agent could be run that monitors incoming SNMP traps.

Similarly to the input mechanism, output mechanisms (reporting agents) can monitor the central pool of event notifications and e-mail alerts to interested parties. This saves the NOC personnel from having to continuously monitor systems; rather, they can simply respond to e-mail alerts.