The requirements will vary dramatically depending on the load of users and events you anticipate. Some of the software requirements are:

Obtaining NetworkLens

NetworkLens may be obtained from either of the following locations:

Configuring NetworkLens

To install NetworkLens on a standard RedHat 7.2 system, you must:

  1. Unpack the source archive

    $ cd /tmp
    $ mkdir networklens
    $ cd networklens
    $ tar zxvf networklens-0.8.tar.gz
  2. Create and populate the MySQL database

    $ cd /tmp/networklens/sql
    $ mysqladmin -u root create lens
    $ mysql -u root lens < lens.sql
  3. Populate the HTML tree

    $ mkdir /var/www/html/lens
    $ cd /tmp/networklens/html
    $ cp -a * /var/www/html/lens/.